Photobucketso howzit goin, day umptenn back in hillbilly heaven, no poles roma,s chinese, nigerians or any other type of person about that makes up modern society, no green grapes either, hah, chinese found out they taste like chicken, really should have brushed up on me banjo skills for the return here, scary wee place at times, half the feckin town boarded up, but i do think the town was allowed to expand without any thought going into the long term there, still one of these places where they hang onto the notoin of the High Street being the hub of all that goes on, jings, its only bout twenty mins from Glasgow these days ,bout 7 mins from the nearest airport, Elvis International so if ye wanna be else where its real easy, so proddyville is in its last thows of being a seaside resort even with the added bonus of having the british golf open going on nearby hasn,t helped the local economy that much, place was never geared up for handling the volume of traffic it can produce, and that feckin gang that seems ta run everything in this neck of the woods, the strathclyde polis are guaranteed ta waste yer day and yer time if they come across you, the prysbeterian mafia, you should be at home with wire brush and dettol , weather is bleedin awful as per ush, that wot makes golf here that wee bit interestin, the bleedin awful weather,gail force winds, icy rain thats where we get the name blue-nose from, totally baltic at times :)

was out last night wit some of the folks, hmmmmmmmmm. wot a joke fest that was, all finished bout 9.30 and then back to bay sitters, ashtma inhalers and video-ed episodes of corrie and emmerdale, jings, not for me thank-you, stumble along with a few old friends ta hear some noisey type band, it wasn,t that much more entertaining either, so the night is hopefully gonna go a wee bitty better, here,s hoping, anyhoo see-ya later

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