hehehehehe, aloha , hows it goin and all that pish. fit ur ye up tae, me am at wurk,eeuuch, definitly not at IKEA, hah, heathen scum that yea,s are. why dont ye just crawl into the bleedin box and stay there, take yer flat packed lifestyle to the extreme, wot wit all the old furniture being chucked out, halloween is gonna have plenty supplies for all the kiddies ta play wit this yeer, a genuine bonfire of the vanities awaits, yea think of all the overtime for dublin,s finest firefighters, ambulance and of course the old plod, i,ll be gettin me curly kale and the likes on, don,t know bouts brack tho, looks like an enemic turd, tastes like it too, don,t ask, anyhoo gettin back too workin nights soon, how much fun can one person have


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