Image hosting by Photobucketback at work once again after having skivved off monday, it was one of those days where i just couldn,t be arsed gettin outta bed so i layin my pit all morn and scratched me nads for most of the day, not the most productive of morns but what the feck. eventually crawled outta me pit and what did i do, i went to the pub where all the monday morning skivvers congregate, sunday had been a blissfully sunny day and i was just meandering roundabout toon having a few sherberts with a couple of friends before headiin back to the leafy suburb of blanch, feck, i think thats where it all started to go wrong should have just stayed in town and got blootered, anyhoo situation managed to rectify it,s self, still i,m totally pissed off at what jerks folks can be, anyhoo havin to catch up on the work that didn,t get done yesterday cause as we all know soon as ye take a day off work folks start finding excuses not to bleeedin do any work, how hard can it be for feck sake, plus got all the knobends from control trying to give ya some kinda lecture on absenteeism, feck off i,ll come round there and kick yer face in ya bollox, what a pratt 7.30 in the mornin and there,s some fuckwit droning on down the bleedin phone at ye, then our area manager turns up, time to go tecnicolour, any old bullshit seems to work at times , going to the canteen in a cuppla mins gotta refuel get summit to soak up all that booze that somehow got into my system, did i tell you that your hat is very very pretty by the way :)

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