well anyhoo still trying to get the blog up and running ye forget quite easily the amount of effort it took to put the together in the first place, all those links i had stuck in which i really should have kept a note of and for some reason some one has tried to swipe me name whats that about what ye gonna do take it upmarket or summit anyways yer a tampon - not much happenin as per ush the main difference between nights and days is yet to become apparent to me just goes to show what to much shift work can do to ye , i did keep most of me picks in me photobucket account so if i get stuck i can always just bung em back on, so the afternoon i,m gonna make an atempt at turnin this into summit, could go on bout some of todays big stories- like how mental is that- two geezers tried to hold up a security van in the centre of Dublin, shots were fired yea like ye need to be reminded how scary that is - countdowm is on once again for the big easter weekend got loads planned as norm but see-ing as i,ve still got a cold loads of bills waitin to be paid a grand total of naff all will happen, got to move house as well which is proving to be a wee bit more complicated than expected, the gas bill has put in an apperance and it,s mega jeez surely there,s some mistoook - could just do a bunk i suppose dayshift is turning into a pain in the arse very quickly, what the hel do all these peeps expect i,m supposed to be a security guard not yer bleedin butler, anyhoo time to start sticking on some links if ya want a mention drop us a line with yer address thing

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