well ya bunch of feckin anal retards i,m back, i took all the shit that was on the old nightshift thingy and fucked it in the bin, and by the way fuckwit any comments on me writings, punctuation spelling whatever and i will track ye down and kick yer freakin eye out ya muppet, anyhoo since i,ve changed over to full time day shift i decided to get rid of the crappy old nightshift blog fuck knows why i just did, what could you do about it anyways, agenda for this ,ere new piece of witchcraft is pointing in more confrontational direction so if ye dont like it tough shit, been doin loads of security stuff lately like kickin peeps ass, slingin out on their neck and the like, pure dead brill so it is, anyways it will probably go back to being just a daily rant bouts me feckin job, very little political content cause as we know most folks wit political blogs are just a big a bunch of bullshitters and crooks as the politicians themselves, next to feck all on daily irish life i mean who needs to know that we,re in a runaway spiral of drugs corruption and violence, there will be occassionally small mentions of SHAM rock rovers, our beloved footie team i mean i not totally immune to mental illness , so for the time being i,ll let you catch yer breath before kickin ya in the nuts but as usual i,ll look cool as hell doin it, i,m barry i,m a security guard i dont feckinlike you.

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Glad you gave me a link

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