Bebobebo its basically a load of shite aimed at gettin fuckwits to part with their money, it,s not really opinionated just the load of teenage bullshit, it,s great that they,ve got some where to go on the net as long as the spotty mumbling fuckers are nowhere near me, it is communication of sorts, so whats all this shit folks whinging about the content, mind yer own feckin business, are we turnin teenagers into a different species or what, turnin them into crims with this asbo lark because there rowdy, feck they just are noisy sullen gobby and abusive by nature, as for the utter wank that there goin about assaulting anybody and everybody they bumo into bollox, aint seen feck all round my way, jings and they congregate in large numbers feckin hell, what ye wanna do lock them up give my head piece ,

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