Image hosting by Photobucketwell good bloody monday morning to ya, the cheek of some people, d,ye think peeps would stop taken bleedin liberties and the like if i turned round and let them know how easy i can kick there freakin ass, by fuck at times i nearly bite a hole in me feckin lip listening to all their bullshit, cheeky bastards that they are, anyway hows your day as if i give a toss, if i find out yer bull shittin me again i will kick yer freakin eye out, dirty feckin usin bastards, urrrrrrrrrggggggggggh can do without them, wtf are they all about anyway,

Liverpool won the English FA Cup, all attempts at watchin the game were feckin ruined by every selfish bollox imaginable, hadn,t even sat down 10 mins before the phone started ringin, wot ye doin , ye not comin across to visit this evening, feck off would ya, 1-0, oh we thought we would just drop by and see how yer gettin on in yer new place, feck off- 2-0, bastard, we,re not stayin too long got places to go things to do people to be see-ing, great 2-1, FECKER, would ye like a cup of tea, i mean use the last of me milk sugar tea, oh ta very much don,t mind if we do, 2=2, or something along those lines, enter the obligatory foreign person, tell me about the FA Cup, when did it start what is it made fron, whose winning, i don,t feckin know ya bollox ye, 3-2, arrrrrgggggggggggggggghhhhhh, naw i dont know where the feck Gretna is, why should i dy,e think i,m david livingston, mungo bleedin park, never mind who they bloody where, 3-3 ,, bring bring, hello barry, wtf, look the games goin into overtime d,ye mind phoning back later, it will only take a minute, ah feck why not, ye see me granny has been out in the wash house since early this morning i think she,s went and caught her tits in the mangle again, jeez i really dont need to know this, penalties, now look i have too see this,ah crap bollox and buggeration, Liverpool win on peno,s, weel what d,ye know, maybe i can watch the highlights of it later, Hearts beat Gretna on penalties as well, cobblers,

Did manage on Saturday Night ( dan de de dah ) to get the old tangerine dream hooked up to the net, no shit , wot joy to watch the old boy leap through his paces, ppppphhhhhhhhhh my arse, wot the feck is internet explorer 4.5, jeez some of the pages were in anglo saxon, these are graphics there feckin cave paintings, have to go online and upgrade all this shit, jeez. windows 74 or some naff os- naff as in OS 9 not the most popular thingie apple have come away with, but it,s cool and trendy lookin the old tangram so i thinks it,s a keeper, for some reason i clicked onto me blog page and it didn,t register with me site meter instead in the report it said someone tried to log on to me page usin an obsolete machine could have been a sinclair spectrum or even a commodore 64( probably the best puter ever built ) cheeky bollox.
Anyways on the countdown to me hols , only a couple of weeks til a break thank feck, def headin away this time round just don,t wanna be rounabout here at present, beginning to regret staying in the area already, went for a place round the corner from where i previously lived because it would cause very little upheval just keep doin what i,ve always been doin only a little further to the left, easy enough said, funny thing here apparently it,s all my fault and some of the things i say, well fuck you is what i say to that, for all the shit i put up with of some of me cronies, this time round even the likes of cliffie, mike and the like have said stay well clear of those assholes, the word assholes really does sum up these peeps very well, just got a dirty nasty mouth on them, should have told them to feck off longs ago,
i stuck on the side of this ,ere piece of witchcraft a link to irish blogs ??? seemed like a nice thing to do at the time, but i,ll be fucked if i get it, nah really wtf.

and for real any twisted fuck readin this, i really think it,s time you just fucked off before i get seriously pissed off, enough of yer bullshit, either come clean or just GTF, this is monday morning of course i,m not in a bad mood, just gettin less and less tolerant of you, thank you :) have a nice day

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