Image hosting by Photobucketthis is brought to yoooo thru the wonder that is tangerine dream yep got it up and running eventually it,s only taken a year or so but hey all good things come to those who wait and yet another goodie this morning got as usual to go to work and got a quick phonecall from the control room Barry we,ve managed to get someone to cover for you today happy holidays, yep im on holiday BRILLIANT hello karma coma, i,ve got so muched planned as well, oh and another thing a big thanx are owed to Harvey, GO HARVEY GO HARVEY GO HARVEY NORMAN, bought one of there wireless broadband thingies the other day and if you can read this then it,s working, the only thing is that the old tangram is so freakin ancient that some of the pish that i stick on me blog cannot be displayed also have to find a way round the gmail problem, it just wont open the bleedin page, so some type of upgrade is needed, which is a right pain in the arse i do have somewhere on this piece of witchcraft a vid from the ceo of apple extolling the virtues of OS9 just minutes before he consigns it to the recycle bin, smart ass bollox, anyways i,m ridiculously happy for no good feckin reason, no good reason cause in the past few weeks ive managed to piss off just aboot everybody who is anybody in me wee sad life, the skanger from finglas,maurice and veronica, cliffie and even the wee girliefrom round the corner , i suppose i should be a wee bit apologetice but then again i,m on holiday and fuck`em anyways this brought to you viathe return of the MAC feckers

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