Image hosting by Photobucketgood moaning how are youtoday as if i give a monkeys,day two of blogging on holiday
ye would think ihad better things to do, well actually i,m sittin here on the floor of me new gaff wit a wee glass of the nippy sweetie usin the old tangerine dream once again, might be tempting fate a bit much this being the secons time i,ve managed to connecct to the net with the piece of crap,thinks it,s a need of an upgraade of some kind, i mean its workin of o OS9 for goodness sake, i think it,s about ready to througha valve mibbe even a giblet who knows,bleedin thing doesn,t even recognise s\me of the stuff on the net, no java no flash, macrmedia it,slike havin a black and white telly,anyways i,ve got some important drinkin to be done catch up wit ye later pig face, see ya

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