Image hosting by Photobucketahhhhhhhhhhh, even with leaving the phone at home today there seems to be at least a million and six ways to get in touch, bollox, fax me works phone, instant bleedin messaging,e/mail, webmail, stand at the bottom of the street and just bleedin shout, aaaaaarrgggggggggghhhhhhhhh ,what is it, i cant fix things for you , i,m busy enough here the day with all the pressure iv,e went and put on meself by giving a deadline for finding a new place to live, i,ve went and gave myself something like two days before i end up homeless, fecker that was a bleedin silly move ,got to find a deposit in a number of days, organise the move and fuck i only worked a couple of days last week, ohhhhhhhhh, we,re all paying for the weekend now, been havin to much fun recently anyway, but fucker what a bloody stupid thing to do, got holidays coming up soon maybe i,ll just put in for them now, that wil gives a little extra bit of money i suppose, there goes the trip to galway yet again, some how i didn,t have much faith in that one coming off, been goin to the place for years still haven,t managed it yet

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kitchen hand said...

I know how you feel, trying to get to see my brother in Alice Springs and it never happens.

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