back at work,

Image hosting by Photobucketwell the sun is still shining which helps a lot but as usual the first day back at work is something ye can do without, this time round everything that was in place is still there, really, no big changes made, no total nut jobs taking over from you on yer day off, terrific, anyways it,s still same old same old and it was quite a relief to get back to doing something during the day the second week of the hols was spent in dublin, at least the weather was good, spent a week in scotland visiting the folks it,s been ages since i,ve seen everyone and it,s awfully good of you to take the time out to listen, hmmmmmmmmmmmm, anyhoo had blogged some guff earlier about me trip home but it seemed to getlost somewhere, i hhonestly spent ages putting summit ta gether and blogger killed it, tanx a bunch, anyroads back to the humdrum, know a couple of folks who are going back to work today, ellis and the like, have fun , everybody needs money but surely there is an easier way ??????????

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