Image hosting by Photobucketwell works goin ahead at the usuasl steady pace, to be expected, at least i,ve got a telly in the back office for summit to do but the bleedin footie dont kick off til 5 argh think i,ll be headin home for round about then, so bits of info on me visit to scotland, hehehehe. got me ma kinda drunk, she was even beginning to get stroppy wit folks great laugh, me ma causin a punch up in da pub, was me ma,s birthday yesterday, happy birthday ma, would have been me dads on saturday, managed to meet up wit most of the folks back home, there,s 4 members of me immediate clan in the locale, plus there broods all good fun, ate out a lot hence the extra weight at the mo so dont be gettin too lippy, anyhoo i,m off for some coffee, needs it

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