Image hosting by Photobucket well itns monday morn yet again, that wee fecker frank is hangin bout reception again, ye feel like hittin hin a right good kick in the nuts, total pain in the arse he is, one of these fuckers who think theey,re really funny, would ye ever just piss off, other than that it,s rainin yet again, think we needed the rain though, helps soak the grass which was givin a real good seeing too on sunday, thing is it looks like bleedin straw at the mo, doesn,t drain too well, the back corner of the garden seems to be a load of clay, spent ages late last night watering the fecker,have to get some colour back into the thing though, it,s time to spalsh out and buy a new barbie, oh and a telly, missed out on the telly over the weekend, sittin there wotchin the argy and mexico game and the bloke turned up to collect his tv, had ages to get meself a new one, just get easily side tracked, ended up wotchin King KoNG on the portable dvd player, film was pretty much crap which is a shame see-ing as i like the original, not a lot else happened over the weeken, got kinda wasted friday, just a wee bit too much of the booze again, not the only one too over indulge at the weeken though i,m sure, at least i got company on Sat to share me hang-over wit, they were every bit as wasted as i was, must be a good reason for all this over - indulgence ye know. company was well appreciated ye know and i aint just taken the piss , not a lot else really weather on Sun was triffic got up early and attacked the garden, got the patio furniture an everythin outta the hut , all we needs now is for the good weather too return, it,s only been this mornin that it,s rained but ye the impression it,s gonna be wit us for quite awhile,anyhoo the football went pretty much the way of the forecast, well so far anyways. engerlund scrapped through yet again, jammy feckers, germany humpped sweden, portugal and holland had a bit of a ding dong, but hopefully there,s still room for some upsets, tink Italy could be one of the teams to fuck up, Ghana must have a chance gainst Brazil anyways it is a game that should be well worth the wotchin, most of these african team seem to be ahndy enough on the ball and dont get too intimidated by the supposed big teams, stiil loads of footie to be played need to get the telly situation fixed quickly tho.bit of cookin and the like again at the weeken, just get inta that kitchen and make summit will ya, never drank as much tea in me puff either, such a lazy bollox i couldnt be bothered gettin off me arse and goin to da shops, wot a total lazy sod,. anyways that the way it was, friday was a bit of a blur, stupid bastard that i is, sat was quite well behaved due too restricted movement and thought processess wasn,t my idea it was enforced on me, sunday was a day in the house and the garden due too skintness and no telly, a weeken of contrasts i supposed, but look at it this way it can only get better

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