Image hosting by Photobucket sittin as per ush doin nuttin, wot agreat job i,ve got, anyways more bumff from the weeken, brought me old roland JP800 from scotland when i went on hols, havin great fun gettin reaquainted, it,s an amazing machine so it is, lets ye get right to the basics of noise making and turns ye into some programming nitwit, not that it cant be played a la yer standard keyboard mode but there,s shit loads ye can do in the hands off mode, usinn sliders , turnin dials, arp, one fingered playin at time and yer sounding like a bleedin band all on yer own, anyways i put an ad in the buy and sell as i have hardly used the thing and it doesn,t look like i,m gonna have much use for it in the forseeable future,not really sure if i wanna sell it, s,pose if someone came along wit the money it would go, i mean money is good, but it sure is a helluva lot of fun just messing about with it, the last time it was dragged outa the cupboard is all off 4years ago, some polish geezer in at me work has expressed an interest, i think the price might make him re-consider, no point i givin the thing away, it,s an absolute classic, give it a google an make yer owns minds up

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