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so wots the story wit ya, back at me desk yet a feckin gain, ye would tink i had no where else ta go nuttin to do an no-one ta be wit, i could be in me pit right now scrathin me nads or summit or even havin them scratched for me,anyways i wouldnt be stuck in front of the goggle box, well wot with me not avin one, listens to the radio these days i does, talk radio no less, some geezer called Oisin, thats s feckin girls name surely, somethin bout all these teuchters with their consant revision of language and history, total lack of culture is wot it probably is, the gospel according to Ossian i tink goin on there, if ye dont know who Ossian is try thinkin James Hailey or maybe even Siebelius they sorta just made things up when it suited them anyway fuck em culchies , got wot wos cummin to them on sunday so they did, Laois. laois indeed, should be feckin kept on one, so wot happened then, did ye bottle it in front of the big crowd, did ye panic when there wasn,t a whiff of courdoroy or brown tweed to be seen,
Dublin 3-17 .. Laois ( butt fucked )

and for those peeps who are tinkin ,ere we go wit these dubs gettin ahead of them selves, remeber the stories in the press before the match, ya gobshites,

World cup footie continues, me not havin a telly makes it a bit of a pain in the hole, and you promised me a loan of a telly ya bollox ye,

Italy beat Australia, bit of a shame there but the aussies did well enough in this competition, The Ukraine beat Colin Tampon in a penalty shoot out, the swiss managing to miss every peno they took, maybe would have helped if they chose to play downhill, anyway it,s back to santry for them,

more games today, Ghana. v . brazil, i don,t know why but i do fancy Ghana to be capable of upsettin brazil, i expect Ronaldp to weigh at least 300lbs by the end of the competition too, wot a fat bastard :)

anyroads hav noticed that the cheeky bugger who said they had probs gettin on me blogg is still ,avin the same prob, ya need a computer ya sod ya. no excuses fanx, more later,

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