Image hosting by Photobucketwell pretty much back in the routine now, weather still ok, but the gettin home from work last night was feckin atrocious, wot the fuck did i get on a bus for, it took over twenty minutes just to get out of the blanch centre, nutjob, gettin to the blanch centre took an age as well, think i really should try walkin home would be a lot quicker and cheaper, anyways watched part of the australia game, missed most of the czech game then sat down to watch the italy match, yep there,s a shit load of football happenin in our house at the mo, will be for some time to come as well, think i,ll be given the booze a knock on the head for awhile oh and some other stuff as well, proving to be counter productive in many ways so might as well just turn me back on it( yea right ), got one of those stat counters stuck onto this ,ere thing a few folks from roundabout dublin look in now and again, feel free to drop comments or mail if ya like and if ye dont well feck ye, other stuff i,ve given up on is bein a smarty pasnts wit this ,ere puter, feck breakin into mailin systems just to see if i could do it wasn,t that interested in wot ye were ritin anyhoo just bored :) too much time on me hands, o and the easy stuff of tracking down precisely where some fecker is or was when then looked into this blog has lost it,s appeal, was fun for a hour or so after that well i dont really give a fuck anymore hmmmmmmmmmmmm ( bet yer paranoia is gettin to ya now ), anyhoo breaking into peeps phones was a bit of a gas , but then thats what ye do when ye,ve got all this time on yer hands, so it,s back to learning death blows and choke holds for the time being or maybe learning something like macrame, yea macrame, could see how that could be fun, still high on the list of search words for ending up on this piece of guff is - my first boner - jeez wots that about - still looking for sundays post, wonder wot blogger has done with it, had some nice wee moments innit, it,s kinda hard for me to remember everythin i put innit but one youse is a right bastard hehehehe i just forget which one at the mo so fuck all ye for the time being until i figure out exactly who i meant, it,s not easy ye know especially now that the lobsters have returned

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