Image hosting by Photobucketwell good monday morning to you , what kinda weeken did u hav,anyways spent mine doin the usual mundane stuff, washin me drawers, sheets and the like,cookin stuff doin the garden all in all i kept meself a wee bit busy, managed to play wit me toys as well, finally brought me synth from scotland the thing is ancient now but still kicks ass so i spent a big part of saturday afternoon just bangin out some noise, had the va7 & jp8000 all rigged up, midi-ed in out roundabout and anywhich way, just cranked the feckers up and see what i,s came up with, been age,s since i,ve faffed about with the thing havin to get to grips wit how it works all over again, noisy and great fun so it is, drinkin was kept to a minimum this weeken wot with bein skint, no booze wot so ever on saturday, wot a good boy i is, sunday i went over to santry ta wotch the footie, might as well sittin in the hoose on me bleedin ownsome, feck that, Brazil where total shite too, fell asleep during the france game but bollox to them, friday was slightly different, had some dinner guests, well nearly, sparkling conversation maybe, well no, ye cant hav witty banter wit someone who spends all the bleedin time on the fone, so ye hav to call time on that, i mean wtf, could go into a lot more detail but wots the point, anyways today has started off with the usual level of competence shown by our supposed superiors, they,ve went and sent me some new guard, jeez wot am iu supposed to do wit these peeps, freakin hell, this geezer has to be unfit for the job, but wot can ye do, so no great happenings since the last time i was here, didn,t really expect any so it,s a case of same old same old for the rest of this week, maybe there,ll be more upsets in the footie

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