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Image hosting by Photobucketmartini, baileys, eeeucch thats plain mingin and who the hell needs instruction on how to get a hangover, jeez ,it,s covered in skanger 101 and is goin to be part of the leaving cert along with bein able to roll doobies, get a pram folded down and onto a 39 bus and know the words to at least 3 aslan songs, but mercy me, martini, it,s awful, haven,t touched it since i raided me da,s drinks cupboard and that was awhile ago, best bet for havin the MOH is to get drunk the night afore, doesn,t really matter what ye use, ye can through in a handful of vim for a quick scurrying and it dont half put a shine on yer shit, anyways i dont need much help in doin stupids things at the moment, most of the ideas i dream up at pres seem to backfire, but what can ye do,

Photobucket - Video and Image Hostinghere,s another DaVinci Code type entry, if you have been reading this meybe you might (ah bugger it ) no ye won,t, anyhoo day going ahead as smoothly as usual, we had a new guard on with us this mornin yet again, what is that all about, some geezer gettin paid to just sit about all day, obviously he,s never worked here before i mean what would be the point in sendin someone along that knew what they were doin, so i,m stuck here at reception mannin the phones and the like and cause i dont have time to show the pers around and what the job consists of he just sits about all day on his fat arse, i could have done that,

Photobucket - Video and Image Hostinganyways here another pic for no good reason than i did it, i did, well i did the animation stuff, i was supposed to edit this thingie and put it on an endless loop but i realy cant be bolloxed, i think it,s funny, it was originally captioned learn to luv Linux, well i thought it was funny at the time,and ye have to get some use outta yer photobucket account, got loads and loads of pics stuck on it will probably regurgitate them every now and again, i meaan why the hell not, should have one of Kylies bum somewhere

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting there we go , an oldie but a goodie, the pic that is, i dont know how old Kylies butt is , but it,s supposed to be younger than she is ??????? no i don,t how either, d,ye think maybe i,m just beginning to waffle just a wee bit here. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh get away, this is all good stuff, anyhoo runnin oot of stuff to stick on this bloggie type finggy this safternoon, workin a wee bit later this evenin, bit of a bollox not bein able to sneak off early. mind you i,mtryin to givr a few peps a body swerve at pres, along the lines of rent overdue, buti,ve been workin every day shit, will have too organise some time off to go to El Banco, either that or i,m gonna be out on me lughole

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