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Image hosting by Photobucketso ooops, it,s gettin near time when we have to hand in me 10 year job history for the old security job, bugger, sort of puts a spanner in the work, i aint been to prison or any such shite, but i have had a shit load of hookey jobs, all those moonlightin thingies that get a few extra bob while yer signing on, mind you i got a bit of a shock meself when i started writing the thing out and finding all these prolonged periods of supposed unemployment, feck wouldn,t that be a kick in the knickers if got a huge tax bill sent, thank fuck no-one reads this, anyhoo had a visit from the folks i,m renting from last night, regardless of wether ye got on well with them, their all money grabbin hounds, shit i,ve paid out 3months rent in just over one month, months rent upfront, 1month deposit i only moved in roundabout the 11th of may, was on holiday for a fortnight, the end of may and the first week in june, so it,s been a pretty expensive move, anyhoo so much for that anyways at least the rent is paid, i,ve got food, just aint got a telly at the mo, and me engrossed in the world cup too, think it,ll be down Lidls and get some cheap booze, if i get seriously drunk enough i can pass out and just sleep until monday morn should handle the boredom, the weathers turn nice again fuck aint that a bitch, maybe i can take up gardening or some shit, i know go visit folks and just generally scrounge off their good nature and hospitality, oh and does anybody have nail clippers me feckin nails are turnin into talons, went and broke me nail clippers and i,m incapable of bitin me finger nails feck i know where me hands have bleedin been, i did try and get one of the canteen girls to bite them for me, but to no avail, i was quite suprised that she didn,t cause she is a bit of a knacker thought she would jump at the chance, i mean at breakfast she sat and bit her own bleedin nails, so i thought if ye like the taste so much have a chew on these, would have kept her busy and in nails for a week or so, but bugger it she declined, i can manage to pick me toenails though, they where so feckin huge i could use the carving knife, so if ye ever get invited round my gaffe for summit to eat you,ll probably have to carve the roast with a spoon or summit, oh and another thing runn out of bog roll, good job i haven,t had a decent kakk in ages, have to steal some from the job, i know it,s a bit of a contradiction me being the security guard and nicking everything that isn,t nailed down, mind you that covers just about everythin since i nicked there hammer, anyways i,m bored shitless sittin here, send me mail, drop a coment or two, or if your even in the ballycoolin area why not drop in and have a quick chinwag, then i can kick yer ass outta the park in a professional secure like manner, the coffee machine is gettin fixed today, hooray, it,s only bleedin new as well how the hell did they manage to break it, more later :)

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