Image hosting by Photobucket wwoke up drunk again, hhhhmmmmmm,still remember her standing over the sink, you looking at my bum, hmm, yep, anyways, it,s rainin here not like torrential or anything still rainin though, last day of the workin week thank feck, not a lot planned for the weekend, was lookin forward to doin the garden, nah seriously, if there,s a garden that seriously needs done it,s mine, it is bijou and PICK CHAR SQUE, think i,ll open a bistro innit, should do a roaring trade what with the cuisine the ambience and the maitre ,d being such a gobshite, maybe i should shut up more, well as long as i dont have to listen at the same time i just might, but fuck all that sympatico shite, i,m shallow i dont really share yer pain or feck all, empathsise my ass, or maybe even your butt it,s alot prettier anyhoo, anyways ya dont read this

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