Image hosting by Photobucket it,s not the gettin drunk that is the bad bit it,s the sobering up, eeeeeehhhhhhhhh kin,ell mate can do without it, this morning i was a cheery chappie now the big comedown, crash biff wallop, ah feck, it,s not the nicest, then there,s the guilt wtf is that about, i,m a proddie us dirty huns don,t normally feel guilt :) remorse and such like, must have been the move to ireland that did it for me, oooo and then there,s the flashbacks feck, i didn,t did i, oh no, the spiders i can handle i have a way with animals anyways ye can always get them to do the cleaning up and run errands if they insist on hangin around all day, anyhoo - here,s a wee rquest for someone who is rather taken by suprise at the sometimes violent nature of this blog - just for you -

fluffy bunnies, kittens, puppy dogs, cummulus, nimbus, hand grenade ,tank, nuclear sub, ah feck done it again, bollox,

and another thing, i,ve no idea what this morning was about at all, not a scoobie, if you know tell me, thank u :)

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