Twenty Major - still smoking in Dublin bars.

Twenty Major - still smoking in Dublin bars.never mind wether ye find this old coffin dodger funny or whatever, what gets me is the time old pissy pants posts to e,s blog, it,s early morn every time, the fecker is either in a different time zone an i dont mean meath, could be insomnia, bloggin from the joy cos as we all know all cells now have WiFi, now why did i spell that like that, anyhoo still way to many 80,s references in his stuff, Manimal, fuckin crap series it was, Simon what ye call his face wos innit, crap crap crap crap, nowhere near as good as Knight Rider, and another thing tazers dont hurt that much trust me on this and for old coffin dodgin geezers like yerself it might just kick start ye back into life when ye pass out in a pile of yer own p pish outside abrakebabra

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Twenty Major said...

I never pass out you horrible Scotch cunt.

And Manimal was shite. But Firemen turning into Manimal is cool and you know it!

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