Image hosting by PhotobucketH ow the hell are ye on a day like this, the sun is shinin yet again, gonna be a long and hot weeken, the summer of sam continues for the Dubhs as the line up against Offaly this weeken at twatball or summit,it,s the one without the big feckin sticks, oanyhoo may have tickets may not, i might even give a fuck, but then again, got some peeps comin the week after from scotland for quick visit, as per morm this fecker aint really invited, just not gonna make such a big effort this time round, really does piss me off at times, dont have the room to put them up, wasn,t gonna make room either, not that i,m an uingracious host but i think theyv,e about outstayed there welcome, aye ye do things for auld lang syne i suppose, but feck, give my head peace wit yer shennanigans,go bug someone else,

the good weather has brought about a revived interest in well stuff that interest me, been bangin away at the old synth as late, glad i,ve held on to it, it can fair knock out some routines sounds and the like, think the term hands -off playing is not really the best description for how ye can use the old jp8000, it might be a wee bit dated but it still performs like no other machine,the want to use it in a live situation is gettin the better of me i tink, can see me thuddin it into an old van and goin doin summit, could be interstin,
also oot in the back garden lappin up the late summer sunshine, chuckin a ball about, tryin to teach peeps how to throw the perfect spiral, hahaha, the concept just alludes them, dont really bother wit telly too much, get the simpsons, wotch the news, thats bout it. footies on hold for a wee bit, well until august, still got the eircom league though, friday night games can be fun, good crowds, decent weather, a few scoops in the rub-a-dub, then get kebabed oot ma face, :) tink i,ll be takin more trips back to scotland when the weather is still good, the travelling there was enjoyable as it could be, none of this jump on a cheap flight ta very much, take the long way home, through belfast, a very pretty city ya know, the quick cruyise across the sea is enjoyable as weel, but the train journey from stranraer to ayr is well worth doin, the view when ye drop into girvan is still astoundin, the way back is usually a drive to stranraer goin the coast road, it is a definate must do for folks, really a definate, if ye cant enjoy that then bugger knows what hope there is for you,

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