Image hosting by Photobucketthe first rule of movin house is know a guy called Vinnie, :), vinnie aint there to move furniture, drive the van or anything like that, Vinnie,s there to stand about generally, vinnies there to let everyone know that you know vinnie, sort of a neighbour hood watch, i think peeps got the hint, Guido,s and Gulli,s are optional, nice of the folks in the area to notice, thats a nice FAMILY who,ve moved in next door , anyhoo have got a new gaff, just round the corner yet again, i,ve moved round so many feckin corners in the past couple o years i,m something like 17miles from where i started, i,m now living near the irish navel base at ballybutton, nah i,m noy really, anyhoo ye would tink that after a few moves ye would get used to da movin, get some kinda routine goin or summit, nope, not a bloody hope, it,s still one of the most stressful things that can happen, up there with divorce, bein on trial and the likes for causin stress, costs a pretty penny as well, managed to get it done in reccord time this time round, didn,t think there was much point in stayin til the end of me rental agreement , one thing about the packin though, remeber ye have to wear cloths ta go to work in the interim tween packin , movin , unpackin etc, drawers shirt, stuff to wash with, yep though of all them, tea coffee, yep, towels, hairgel?? yep, socks :( nope forgot socks, bollox, so for a second day ya minger yer wearing the same socks ya minger, yep, do my feet stink, urggggh, yep, do they hurt as well, yep, hurt like fuck so,s they do, or they does be,ouch ouch ouch, anyways have to get down to gettin stuff put in places and findin places to put stuff, gee, anyways s,pose ye had a wee drink after all the removin was done, kinda,hmmmmmmmmm, and did ye fone anyone, NOOOOO, are ye sure, yep, so why is all yer fone credit gone,hmmmmm, must rolled onto me fone when i passed out, through exhaustion ya know, HHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMM, anyways who the hell am i talkin to, feckin nutjob

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