BBC NEWS | Technology | Threats prompt Mac switch advice

BBC NEWS | Technology | Threats prompt Mac switch advicesee told ya, use a mac, ye can all come round my gaffe and use mine, well if i wasn,t being kicked out, though mine is runnin on some antiquated OS, valves and giblets seem to be the order of the day, as long as ye have a good grasp of anglo saxon then you should be ok, brush up on yer beowolf, doesnt get virus,s, is a danger of the black plague though, as for osx as an operating system, hehehehe, the x for me stands for mystery, there just doesn,t seem to be an easy way of gettin it on my machine, it, only availible on dvd, which i cant get a compatible external dvd writer/reader for my machine, now my old tangerine dream is feckin gorgeous lookin i just dont wanna throw it away but i cant get any peripherals for it, bugger all software, so its still runnin on os9, for some reason java is disabled, some time s the pages it displays are completely unitelligble and that even includes the apple pages, feck whats going on there,anyways i,ll get round to doin somethin about it eventually, i did get connected to the net, it only took me about a year or so, the thing is 6years old plus, jeeez, but still a lot more prettier and stylish than yer average grey box stuck in the corner, the joy of toys eh,

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dont she just look lovely, shame about the fact she,s goin a wee bit senile

and the alternative,s are, yer average run of the mill grey box, do we have any critcism of the great operating system thats called XP :)

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