Image hosting by Photobucketare we all sitting comfortably, then i,ll begin, ye did read part of yesterdays post did ya, you will note in the first paragraph some of my thinking on keeping what is i suppose an on-line diary, good-o, you would have noticed then that there such repetition in me wee sad life that i make things up, tons and tons of tanx and stuff to folks who sent wee e/mails of concern??? but dont be a nutjob, it,s just right old load of kakk, anyhoo beginning to get bored even further by why i have a blog, i certainly dont need one, mon - fri are pretty much the same, this morning consisted of get - up 5.30am, now this is some serious multi-tasking that takes place next you will be amazed - put kettle on, switch on water heater, feck the idea of cold showers, bang some stuff in washing machine, yawn fart scratch all in one movement, turn telly on, 5.31+10 secs, how many times can you write such stuff, so then it,s shower shit and shave and then head for the bus-stop, in -between all this co-ordinated display of super agility and lighting reflex,s and immaculate timing i had cup of tea,i,m becoming such a lazy bollox recently i,ve yet to open the supplies of coffee, anyways after gettin yer head round the news channel it,s off to catch the 39 to the centre, wher i hang about a bit then it,s the 236 and in work., and here i is folks, not much room in this routine or major drama.s so basically i have to invent stuff, how can folks blogg for years and years about their everyday goings on, jeez ye would top yersell after awhile,
i,ve never been to taking by the format of blogs really, tend to be tooo wordy by half, just doesn,t seem to be the best use of the technology,
anyways - if you read other folks phone messages or over hear someone,s conversation your never gonna hear anything good, just like you should never read someone else,s diary :)

well i,m at me desk once again,just sorta sittin here, dont really do alot but it saves the company monet havin a security guard doin the job rather than have to hire someone suitably qualified, i mean what else we got to do anyway, it,s not the most involved job, pphone is,nt exactly red hot, fax machine can take care of itself, dealing with the ocassional visitors is easily enough dealt with, the rest of the time ye play games, look at stuff on the net, or mess about with blogger, it,s not something that you really need now is it, go through the usual blogs that i,ve bookmarked and then basically slip into a coma for the rest of the day, this goes on 5 days of the week, monday to friday, 7.30 til 7.30, twelve hours of the stuff, any distraction is more than welcome.

The only reall good thing about being a security guard is the security it self( hehehe ) unlike the rest of the punters round ehere, we,re all on permanent contracts, if this doesn,t work out we just move somwhere,s else, if the contract gets lost to an other operator we simply switch sides, unlike most other jobs there,s plenty of overtime, which you normally need as the basic pay aint the hottest, it helps when coming to pay the bills and as any one in Ireland can tell you the cost of living here is beginning to soar, virtually impossible to get your foot on the property ladder, the roads are congested the politicians are that wee bit crooked-er than other places, but all in all wtf do we care, just gettin on with it, they say that the average life expectancy has improved dramatically in Ireland, maybe it just seems longer,

On the telly this morning all the usual guff bout North Korea, big feckin missiles, Palestine and big feckin tanks, the space shuttle, all these items told by these jolly chaps and chapess,s with these lovely smiles that look as if they have been tatooed onto their faces, and whats all this crap about sexual chemistry for fecks sake, it,s the news for good grief, whats this cobblers that the medium is the message, who made that one up :) d,ye really think this pers was an effective communicator , anyways other stuff-

more blogging shit, it,s not just me who has a pretty routine life, most folks seem to, how there can be millions and millions of bloggers daily hammering away at the keys is beyond me, there really aint that much shit goin on ya know, stuff that i stick on this bout what certain peeps get up to are more often than not entirely fictional or maybe slightly embellished or embroidered, i mean what did these peeps get up to, well they finished work yesterday, spent ages in traffic, got home, took the shoes off and watched the telly, probably went to bed a wee bit early, i,ve had a wee bit of fun with the blogging lark, sticking on pics, embedding vids what have you, messin about with templates and it really has been just messin about, droppin in wee comments abouts folks who i know look in now and again, if they wher offended, well that worked then :) if not who really give,s a, not sure what future blogging has, this here piece of crap will more than likely disappear at some stage, there never was any set agenda for it, dont think they have much shelve life, and i doubt there impact on just about anything and everything, some peeps swear by them, be fecked if i know wh though, anyways for someone has not much to say i,ve fair managed to pad this out a bit, catch ya later, and by the way, i,m feckin gorgeous ya freakin half - wit :)

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