.lets be serious here the geezer is obviously a pillockand the comments treated with contemptthey deserve.........

THIS is a big grovelling apology of types took me ages to edit all this code ya know, it aint easy when yer as blind as a bat and have a low attention span , some comments passed by some wag over the weekend where way outta line so they were, didnt know the buggers name at the time and it,s not as if the fecker is a buddy, i do know his name now and he,s also well aware that he,s really pissed me off, lets be serious here the geezers obviously a pillock and his comments were treated with the contempt they deserve, cant imagine why on earth he thought that it was ok for him to pass comment, bit of a scumbag really, but fuck-em, so anyways grovel grovel grovel, took me bleedin ages to do this bit, looks quite good as well, so i,m just gonna pad it out a bit, well maybe not :)

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