Image hosting by Photobucket it,s like 7 in the mornin here and me knickers have crawled half way up the sheugh of me arse already, wot a great start to the day, bleedin hot as well, the weather fuckwit not me drawers, yet another hot weeken in hartstown behind us, wot a life eh, pub pub pub pub,yeah me, loads of guff to be catchin up on wot wit me enforced absence, barry where,s ye bin,....i aint been anywhere, i was skint fecker, ye were that bothered ye could have dropped round and seen me, and wots this pish that i,ve supposed to be layin low cause i,ve got a case of gallopin knob rot( told ye that phrase would come in handy ) YA BOLLOX YE, got from your mum i did, mind you it hurts like hell when i pee :), that should keep the hartstown happy for awhile, :) feckin eejits, so all the catchin up i,ve had to do wit folks, folks who i dont even know there name, folks that i,m never likely to know there name , folks who i couldn,t give a toss bout there names, anyways, where was i.......oh yes ........ the big reunion catchin up wit all the buddies , gossip, fillin in me social caledar...anyhoo some of the sparklin conversations > so yoo were roidin weren,t ya? where the hell do you get this stuff from...... i seens ya,s together???????? is she mad for the mickey....... bet she has some bod on her......i,ve always thot she wos a stuck up cow, a bit tapped.drinks all bleedin day she does......... i great nice ta see ya again, eh.fuckwit,,,,,,,,,here mo wots that geezers name again, then theres the other mad sod, yea i,ve got tickets for the gaa, .well who bleedin cares.nah if ye want one come along, be great crack, it,s not segregated or owt, pure dead brilliant so it is........bolloxs i could give a shite,nah these tickets are like gold dust, ok ok, just give me head piece, feck.......... then there was the mad fecker who criticised jo,s dress sense, ye,ve got to make a wee bit of an effort dear, it,s friday????????your only young you,ll never get a fella if ye dont make an effort, hehehehehe, so jo goes spastic and fones ,er ma, you,ll never guess wot that mad trannys just said to me...brilliant i,m tinkin, band on saturday were total shit, deafnin, bastards, only good ting bout it was it cut out the wot seemed endless piffle from V, arrrggggggggh jaysus would this women ever stop, this is not a rehearsal barry, this is for real,arrrrrrgggggggghh, wot ever you want to do if it makes ya happy, go for it,........gee thanks.remember yer family.oh even bigger thank u, i,m related to the adams family now, fuck i,m depressed, they,ve all been askin for ya.....oh i loves bein popular i does, will explain all the anonymous birthday cards i got then so it will, other pish as if this weren,t enough, i,m like damn near drownin in urine here, i dont know where feckers get there info from, but if folks wander round the bleedin pub tellin everyone where there gooin and who there doin, there,s good chance of thats where they got it from, i dont give a monkeys, and to other folks , now really if ye seriously want folks to stop gossipin bout ya, ya,ve really gotta stop fuckin wit them and i does mean fuckin,

had some geezers over from scotland for the weeken, really didn,t want to spend all me time wit them, but didn,t get much of an option, some of them are big drama queens, fone s me one of them does, some one just followed you outta the pub, d,ye needs us to come round,?????????? they could have been just leavin ya know, anyways how would you know this fella i,ve never discussed it wit ya, we,re for pilin inta the car and comin round your gaff, jings, to think i,ve missed all this stuff for the past couple of weeks, how did i ever get by, apart from dat it was a pretty quiet weekend, went to the inn, went to the rose, heh, wotched the footie, listned to a right old load of twat, great, the game continues, 1-nil, it,s only the first half , i,m off for a pie and some bovril :)

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