...the women is
obviously a feckin nutter


well thank feck the geezers from scotland go home today,been in the boozer since thursday and i needs a rest, justa few beers before headin back home, yea ok then...pain in the hole at times, i could have done with an early night, shit and the pub on monday tends to be a dreary affair, plus they have texas hold-em, yea whoopee shit,but then the cabaret came on, yep this wild lookin ken dodd impersonator, whose eyes were so squint when cryin the tears would run down their back, the medics said it was the worst case of bacteria they,ve ever seen, they use to be a teacher but they had problems controlling their pupils, anyways up pops babs/babszilla, jaysus she was in sparkling form, the womens obviously a feckin nutter, barry yer gettin fat, well fuck me and thank you, the suit ye were wearing on saturday yer kinda wearing that look out, feckin nutjob, then it was on to the geezer who was over for a few days, wots the story with yer teeth, feckin ,ell nearly ended mesell wit that one, ok the guy looks as if he had his teeth taken out and a fireplasce put in instead, but fuckin ,ell, new all time high of social ineptitude there babs, if wasn,t for the fact that she,s a total minger as well as a frontal lobol retread peeps might take these things to heart.

was all in all a hideous drink fest from last thurs til monday night, feck it,s ok for these fuckers to come on holiday but i,s really gettin pissed off at all me time bein taken up by them, get other friends ya bastards, i knows people dont like ya, feck i dont even like ya, but i cant be bein a bad host, just too uncool, which meant the idiginity of goin back to an old haunt over the weeken, the toon bar, argggghhhh feck, ye can scroll down and get some highlights of the weekens jollities, but basically it was meetin up with a load of nutjobs welcomin us back into the heart of their enormous bottom once again, even those lovely chappies from the balaclava brigade leanned off the wall for a few mins to come over and wish us all a happy return to unsociable society, i dont think anyone really wanted to be there but what the hell, barred from every other feckin place anyways:) me certainly didnt wanna be there i wanted to be elsewhere inside someones pants :) but there ye go, also have tons of reasons for personally avoiding da company and de luvverly toon bar, mainly caused i,m as pissed as fuck at them, bastards, feck knows why the balaclava brigade went in a big huff, but now we,re all best buds together again, gonna do tupperware and the like????

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