Image hosting by Photobucketwhuut, this is a factory ya know,like production lines, conveyer belts, things built quickly, effienctly, so whats this shit bout gettin yer big fat ass in the way every freakin mornin in the canteen, ye get yer coffe here, move along abit, get milk , move on, sugar, ditto,etc etc etc, dont stand in one feckin spot like some feckin diva, it aint a feckin spotlight ya dick, get yer coffee move on, how can ye complain git just causei pulls out the ig night stick and threatin to pummel ya asswipe, a good beatin can be productive, move yer sorry ass along the line, and whats with all this danish pastry lark, real men dont eat danish pastries, big fat bastards do, look at you ya lardy assed cnut, i tink a good chase after these feckers in the mornin with me billy club and robbie the rottweiller would be productive in many ways, firstly ye will get eventually fitter, cause i,m always gonna be on yer case, with the fitness so will yer work ethic improve, you wont need to go for a nap once ye get to yer desk upon returning from the canteen, the new svelte figure and renewed stamina will come into play on the old homefront, now look at all the benefits that have come out of postive aggression, it,s all down to me, you owe me money bitch, :)

wots the meanest thing ya,ve done recently, wot little act of petluance,foot stompin tantrum, ah aint just gonna deed have you didn,t, wot did ye achieve, no, not for yerself, wot did the act achieve, d,ye tink there pissed off, d,ya tink when yer polishing up yer ego somewhat , ye do no it,s gonna come back and bite ya, where and when is just one of these things but wasn,t it just a wee bitty juvenile??????????????????

other stuff, major booboo,s by some of the night staff who seems unable to grasp the fact that he,s actually part of some loose collective known by various names such like, team, group gang, squad, hommies, heheh, ye know when ye fuck up, ye expect yer buds to help cover yer ass, ye do know that hope springs eternal, well if yer a fuckin avon rep it might, have ye ever come across the term FUCK U before,really, never, oh your tellin big lies.

suns still beamin down here, unbelievable weather for potatoland, skivvin off early today, yesterday was the first time i had to work late in ages, still havin to get over the shock of still bein at me desk at 8 in the evenin, good job i,m such a bullshitter, hehehe, had no need to cancel any appointments for the eve, as the good weather makes folks a wee bit more malleable, just as well then innit, other stuff me laptop is def deed, some forlorn hope that it might rise up from its dark slumber and would burst into glorious technicolour and start portraying athletic images of faith hope and kennedy in a fiesta of squatted tomfoolery accompanied by a soundtrack of mouthfilled harmonic bliss, real shame thogh that debbie doesnt do computers.

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