Image hosting by Photobuckethey ho howzit goin, weather here is still gorgeous, ! seriously, ye,d never guewss ye were in ireland, DUBS WON AGAIN, hehehehehe, just lounged about the new gaff most of the weeken,went and seen the old tight wad bout me deposit back, i know it was a bit king billy to move out without the money first or negotiated on exit, but i did, freakin tight wad paid by check, wot bloomin cheek, i work monday to friday, gonna have to take time off work to go and try and cash it or pay it into me account. which means goin to the precise branch written on the check, which happens to be in town, i mean wot would be the point in havin a branch round the corner os summit, freakin tight wad,didn,t get all me money back as expected, just knew when i met the person that they were gonna be abit underhanded, so it didnt come as much of a suprise, had basically written off me deposit so gettin somethin back was a plus, mmmmmmmmm well maybe,me mac went and died on me on sunday afternoon, and there was me most of the weeken quite pleased bout it bein up and runnin, managed even to blog from the house so was quite chuffed for awhile, then dead, wot a bleedin shame,didnt exactly pay a fortune for it , but it was pretty lookin, tink i,ll bury it in the back garden or give it a viking send off, and the cheeky bugger who remarked it must have been all the porn that was on it that did it, the poor thing was knackered, just plain shagged out, cheeky bollox, a few beers over the weeken, nothing over the top, quite a sober weeken really,usual cookin stuff, washing cleaning that sort of thing, couldn,t go to far as i was restricted by skintness, wotche the game on the telly, played around wit me synth for while, good fun gettin to grips with the sod, but it refused to write to memory bugger,all in all quite a decent weekend was ,ad

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