Image hosting by Photobucket kinda pissed of today, i hurt everywhere, must be gonna get abig change in the weather, hmmmmmmmmm, lookin forward to the weeken, hopin to get upto some stuff, can only be in one place at a time though, actually got work to do today, will i would see-ing how i let all the jobs pile up :) keep me busy i suppose, last night was a bleedin late finish again, :( will bugger off early this evenin for sure, not a lot else goin on, mess about wit the swipe card system, got that updated, redo the bleedin fone list for the umpteenth time in a couple of months and pretty much naff all else, messin about wit a thing called blog clicker its one of these sites that exchange,s traffic with ya, but boy are some blogs really dull :)

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