Image hosting by PhotobucketThursday seems to be the day to mash the fone credit????????? bugger knows why thursday, ah mean its one of those non days, nuthin really ever takes place on a thursday, when was the last time a major event took place on a thursday, feck, it is pay day of course, yet another non event, bout the only thing ye can do wit the money ye earn is blow it on fone credit, i have had sex on a thursday but then again i,m a bit of a tramp so no suprise there, thursday is one of those days you would actually consider playin bingo , goin to the track, dogs that is, over to shels and punt a few punts, it,s just one of those days that just dont make me dick hard, not even a big come on from the likes of barbara had much impact, nah tanx its thursday i aint really in the mood, and wot d,ye mean i,m fat biiitcccchhhh, slap the minge off ya, well if it hadn,t been a thursday i might, now babs is a strange one,s,pose its all me own fault but then again i deny all responsibilty, got pissed yet again no suprise there then and was gonna well ya know, but i was drunk for fecks sake when drinkin i,s dont get violent i just wanna knob the world , harmless so it is, jeez the palestinians and the israeli,s should give it a go, anyways i didnt, must have sobered up quickly or summit, now this is where it gets complicated hope yer listening, she came down to da pub one aftrenoon lookin foe me, ah mean, MOI, get outta town, i,m a wee bit outta yer league me dear,i is a hot geezer there,s no denying, get a grip, anyways this young female leanne( the wicked witch of the north ) jumps in and grabs old bazza, tell me you,re not with that women, seriously, just tell me, ehehehehe, this is all very complicated, cause previously i would have taken detours just to avoid leanne, anyways the ensuing theartricals were highly amusing, me kinda drunk tinkin i,m bein discreet, talkin in hushed tones when in fact i,m yellin me head off likea mad thing in the chinese take away much to the amusement of joanne and veronica, yet another twist there,oh and to certain pers whose always had a wee bit of a suspcion, course i did ya mental case,...well anyways to try and get some type of rhyme for all this reason???????? babs came onto me yet again, oh we,ll have to meet up, go for a drink, shit i,ve never as much as had more than a few words wit the women,jeez now i,m a long lost friend,??? just cause i have a wee sniff at yer panties dont mean anytin except old bazza boy is a horn bag when drinkin, as one cheeky wag said, babs is a man dressed up :) did shag her mate though :)

Other guff........... i,s sittin here at reception once again, comatose from the previous evenin, the usual , drink drink drink drink, got some geezer cross from scotland, spen a wee bit a time in da pub wit ,im and a couple of mates, but i ainty wastin ma weeken on da pillock, cliffie fones up wit the usual concern, is that muppet here yet,:) always ,ad a way wit the words cliffies does,probs headin to tha Inn or summit this weeken, see samantha, hehehehe, yet another debauched episode,anyways i,s sittin here anyhoo in me un-ironed shirt, really couldnt be arsed gettin oot me pit this mornin, stiil was half an hour early for work, was is that shit, cant even sleep in properly,

Anyways, back to the fone malarky, it always seems to be thursdays, wtf am i on,sittin there clueless, so i starts dialin as usual, why the hell do i do this shit, gee, its damn near always the same peeps as well, ye tink they would orgainise themselves a wee bit better and have theemselves outta the country roundabout this time, i,m unavailible, would you ever just fuck off, maybe even just ignore or bar the call, would seem like the sensible thing to do, but who the hell said there was any sense to this, no idea why we,re still cahttin away and makin all these promise,s very strange indeed,..... wots up, why would there be anythin up, wots wrong, there aint nuthin wrong cept for were you is and who ye wit :)

Thingie hasn,t turned in this mornin,hmmmmmmmmmm, seemed ok when i left her, :) i know that was kinda quick wasn,t , but there ye go, she is kylie cute, perfect tight bod, has the most gorgeous hands, and all this in a tiny wee thing too, maybe the line i wanna lose me dentures in yer bumhole aint the best line ye,ve ever heard but hey,

To reiterate a previous blog entry, just to spoil the mood a wee bitty, feckin dullard, retarded piece of shit, there that should do, just in case peeps are tinki i,ve mellowed a bit, fuckers,

Havnt seen wots her face in awhile though, maybe over the weeken, gonna be a busy one it looks, here,s a wee thing i can leave wit ya, if yer feelin lonely and unloved this weeken, there,s still the chance that i could come knockin at yer door, wahey and oo-eer missus :) tata for now

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kitchen hand said...

you can't move on sydney road on thursdays for the old folk, the pension day - don't try to go to the bank, it's full and the queues are out the door and down the street.

it's quite pleasant, having said that, they're a lot more pleasant than the road-rage bogans fighting for space on the actual road in their commodores ...

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