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...Think I,ve Lost The Plot Here A Wee Bit..............

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingHeaven forbid that i have a bleedin clue about whats really goin on , i prefer to remain deluded, the drink and drugs help somewhat but bein plain just off me feckin head helps, the usual mid-week strangness last night,fone has a life of it,s on for goodness sake, where does it get the right to spend all me credit in foning mad things, why do these mad things keep speaking to me anyways,ah such joy to be so predictable, predictable my arse, there,s always some new twist and this week so far has definately been twisted, when peeps start issuing statements like i think i,ve lost the plot here a wee bit just leaves you wondering ?? there,s a plot, there is !! jings crivvens help ma boab,,,,,,,,,, but not to worry i have a very cunning plan.u see i,ve been studying form all day ( yea and boozin ye bollox )......oooohhh is that a fact........yup........ i,s gots me money and this next one is a cold stone cert.....ok..... you say ok a lot.....mmmmmmmm also say that your a feckin nutjob alot but ye never notice........anyways i,ve been studying form and tomorrow,bosh, gonna hit the jackpot.......ok, feckin nutjob.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingBeen doin a bit of studying of form meself as late, checkin out the fillies, tryin to gain some insight to wether this one will jump :) or maybe it sprinter, runner or a quickie however ye want to term them, but always come back to the old favourites, the old chesnuts or maybe in this case the old grey mare, now she may not be what she used to be, but theres plenty of distance left in her if you just use the right amount of whip, oo--eer missus, anyways what the hell am i goin on about, the fone situation, well the thing aint workin to well, has got a life of it,s bleedin own ( at least its got one ) guess i shouldnt have chucked down the back garden in a wee strop then,

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...as long
as you know
that your dinner
is inthe dog..

The problem with all this hot weather is ye can never seem to get yer ass outta the pub, it,s much more alluring to just dwell in the beer garden, enjoyin the summer sun, havin some craic, a rare old time, just wilin away the hours, a wee singsong, feck, harmless fun, im behavin meself??? anyways i,m just round the corner from the pub, can ye not bring me dinner round, i,ll eat it at the bar, ..feckin mad thing, if you dont come round here right now yer dinner is in the dog ya neandrthal ye.........ohh neandrathal is it i,m not just hirsute then..well i hope ye choke on a fur ball........

Been faff-ing bout all morn wit code and the like just tryin to get an image to float to the udder side of the bleedin page,manged to get the border and all that pish done but as soon as ye insert an image source it seems wander over to the left hand side again, superenigmatix wtf is all that about, just do as yer bleedin told machine. anyways i use to know this bird who lived in a tree, nothin strange about that ye might think loads of birds live intrees, not that type of a bird, the type that break yer balls, although she is a bit cuckoo, : ) , anyways i digress, the pics at the top of de page, the ones wit the k..nunns are called the sisters of murphys, nice aint they, the foodie one is one that i used some time ago for some presentation or other??? as some wag said at the time, it,s a salad, it,s not as if ye actually cookin anythin, and what isit with all this cookin lark its kinda gay.... would ya ever feck off.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">anyhoo enough pish, plans for the big weeken are afoot,it liiks like once again plenty of this.................

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingSOME OF this.......hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm, well maybe, remember kiddies drugs are expensive :) , and if good sense prevails we hope we will be doing a helluva lot of this
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