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Magicians Ventriloquists Puppeteers Mime Artists.........

Jack ( WANK ) Black wot d,ye make of this serial unfunny bam pot, this geezer is off e,s bleedin head, mouthy git as well, spoutin rubbish bout every subject under the sun, maybe he,s just got tourette,s or summit, has to be an illness, apparently as a youngerling mad jack wanted to be a magician at one time ?????? i personally think that all people who want to be, magicians ventriloquists, puppeteers should be killed without warning or hesitation, well maybe not the muppets, but sooty and sweep should be gutted and their stuffing set alight in the main piazza of lovely historic blanchardstown, everyone knows that in real life basil brush is an utter cnut, addicted to laudinum and was video taped in a kinky threesome with Sue the panda from the sooty and sweep show and roger de courceys aptly named nookie the bear, the fecker should be hunted to extintion with a pack of rabid dogs, even that deranged feckwit dustin the turkey should have some sage and onion shoved up e,s ramparts and basted in a large oven, those other mentaloid feckers podge and rodge, would ye ever feck-off, it aint entertainment, sayin arse feck and dangleberry, if wanted to watch a couple of tattieboggles makin a complete twat of themselves i,d go down to the hartstown inn, plenty of that shite goin on in there,

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