Image hosting by Photobucketwell it,s back at work once again, lucky lucky me,weekend went pretty much the way i expected it to,no real suprise,s, just about every fecker phoned over the weekend wanting to do stuff, nice to be so bleedin popular so it is,some new folks moved into the gaffe, with me movin out in a couple of weeks i wouldnt care so much but i could do without there bleedin cats, now i dont care what ye think but cats are dirty fuckin smelly disease ridden uggo lookin feckin things, really, feckin filthy they are, hideous freaks of nature, and the creeps who keep them as pets tend to be pretty much the same, smelly selfish and ye find there shit all over the place, it really is a bit much for expecting ye to like there wee bundles of fur, fuck yer kiddin me it smells, it looks like it,s got mange, it shit on my bedroom floor ya bastard,

big big thanks to the folks who phoned during the world cup final, what elsae was i doing anyway other than just sittin about,,, do you want to come down the pub, come down and join us, jeeeez, i,m in me house sittin on da couch happily watching the game....... no no come round the pubs mobbed got the game on the big screen it will be a good crack, bit of a cheek coming from these folks too but at least they dont bring there bloody cats with them,

Saturday was bit of fun, got up early and just headed into town, no way was i gonna be hangin about, friday night was spent in da house, so it went according to plan, had some folks drop over , knocked together a thai green curry, bleedin marvellous it was as well, couple bottles of plonk, generally a good time was had, some of the folks who where invited over couldnt make it, not to worry though, looks like V is back on the scene as well, hmmmmmmmmm, taken to phoning me and stuff, met them on saturday for a wee bit, didnt speak much, didnt really bleedin want to , cheeky bollox that they are had no intention of heaadin to the hartstown , but once we got a few beers in us common sense departed quite rapidlly, had went out in the morning with the intention of spendin the day in town and going to santry at night, started off well enough, but the hartstown arghhhh, have seen that place more than enough , must have been really pissed, barry wher have ye been, thought ye were dead, >>>>>>>>>thats nice.......are you ridin wotsits bird ya fecker...ooooooooo yer real classy you arre............barry ye have any problems you come and see me...... jings thanks.....always been a class establishment the hartstown........been about two months since i had last been in it due to one thing or another, moved house, went on holiday, skint, all in all were still talking only a couple of weeks, havn,t been goin somewhere else, well not much, found it gettin just a wee bit too predictable, and by christ saturday was no different, i dont remember too much about it, do remember being asked some very personal questions but i,ll be fecked if i can remember me answers, oooooooooppppppppsssss, not to worry most peeps seem to have their own theories on what i,ve supposedly been up to, i hope i bloody enjoyed meself is all i can say, so when every fecker started ringin on sunday, c,mon over to the hartstown i waS only to happy to be able to trot out an excuse.........knew there would be more of the same....now why the hell would i want to do that, so i sat about the house, was totally wasted anyhoo so i just vegged on the couch for the day.
Not a lot else, have to start house hunting again, hmmmmm , visit nick and trish tuesday night, oh and mathew,
tthats aboot it for now and wasnt it fun, maybe i,ll make up some more stuff later, all the crap i stuck on it last week brought me in unexpected two extra hits, who knows, some more guff like that and i could be having nearly ten hits a week,, just imagine :(

so anyways after leaving the hartstown headed back to santry, i mean i only live round the corner from the hartstown, goin home would have just been the sensible thing to do, so we headed for santry, to scoff the carry out that had been bought earlier with the intention of stayin in the house sat, night and just chillin, hhhmmmmm, never have been one to take the sensible option, managed to crawl home some time sunday afternoon, still the wworse for wear, opens the fridge i what did i spy, left overs from friday, haha, now did i bother heating the thing up, nope, and as i,ve said before me curries tend to be a double edged sword, burn on the way and the way out( knacker) those little seed feckers that maybe i should have left out still hang on to every follicle in butt creek, oh jeez am i regretting it today, had no complaints from nick and trish but they,ve probably got their revenge planned for tuesday night :)

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