Image hosting by Photobucket yep me again, wozit u or wozit me who got drunk again, :( yep wuz me, oh no, so what did ye do then,i was happy for awhile , just sittin there chillin or illin whatever, groovin to sum tunes on the beatbox, then the usual clouds appear, yep he went for the fone,arrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhh, so who did ya fone barry, yer mum,old school chums,pizza, nope, the local childrens hospital, the samaritans, nope , who then, the EX?????, oh no ye didn,t, yup, so what did ya say, i don,t feckin know,???? oh dear, talked for a good two minutes or sumthin before ye said some shit more than likely, mmm mmm ,told her he was a big of shit did ya, kinda , mmm mmm , well i did say he was a sad lookin old git, kinda creepy, stupid dullard who was a father substitute, ( aint my fault yer daddy left ya ) ..........oh you so much class at times barry, i know i,m debonair, swashbuckling adventrous and the like.....ah but then there,s the wee nippy sweetie, so called cause of the effect it has on peeps, anyways things is just as confusin as ever, mixed messages, bullshittin so much that yer scared ta inhale,............come do me now, please , thank you and the like,.......will i drop in and visit........ no dont drop in and visit, drop in and stay, ........jeez whisky really brings the best outta me, maybe,s....... anyway i aint remotely sorry for sum of the remarks, ye he is a pathetic lookin character, in fact thats just the thing he aint got,......... so any ways fuck that, beginning to lose faith anyways,,,,,,,, anyhoo here,s a funny thing, dont suppose some of youse readers will be joinin me for a pint in the cardiff arms will ya, or even a few cerveza,s, bollox features,...........i know some times this piece of crap is so cryptic that i dont know what it means. I know i,m the al-qaeda of lurve- in fact i,m Osama aint bin laden awhile :) e,s still a stupid bollox though

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