Image hosting by Photobucket so how are you this fine monday morning,have ye got the monday blues or what, do we really give a monkeys about the engerlund footie team, are they ever gonna give us bleedin peace, ye lost a football match ye should be used to it, in all seriousness you did not expect any other outcome, it wasn,t a case of under performing , it was just complete and total incompetance,went over to cliffies gaffe to watch the match , well that was the idea anyways natch we ended up in the pub, gettin blotto as usual, game was quite decent really but it was kinda obvious just didn,t have the wherewithal to actually win the game, no tactics, no subs, i,ve no idea why i stuck bleedin good money on them to win , nutjob, anyways went over to santry ta watch the game no point in me bullshittin had no intention of watching the match else where even though i did say i was for joining some peeps for the match, bollox to that notion, would have totally ruined my day all i can say to that idea is puke, wtf are ye thinking about, ye must have lost yer bloody mind, honestly, anyways ejoyed the sesh over in santry and that was the main idea of it all there was no way i was allowing someone to ruin my enjoyment, the bookies did that easy enough, ye really shouldnt go into bookies shops and try sticking bets on when you cant bleedin see properly, myopia, jeez i think i need a feckin guide dog, anyhoo other real shite news, havin to find a new gaff yet again, gettin a wee bit messy, cant really afford all this movin around,, ihave now a months rent and bill to pay for the place i,m in at present then find deposit a months rent for some other place, total bummer, probably totally impossible, so not a lot else goin on, quite a quiet weekend for a change, did mange to pull meself outta bed on sunday afternoon some time and wander to the nearest watering hole, wearing me shirt inside out for most of the day, took a good couple of hours for me to catch on as well, sad really but what the hey

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