Image hosting by Photobucketwell well, beginning to warm up a bit now, totally devasted for most of the day, shock horror folks, dearie dearie me, tomorrow promises to be an interesting day though, no idea of the outcome of it either, bit sketchy on details eh, what a silly sod i am, mind you nuthin might happen but the way things have been goin recently, prepare for incoming, hehehe, bugger knows how i,m gonna get round this latest installment of crap, seriously the housing situation is a right kick in the nuts, but there,s not a lot i can really do, the householder needs to be earning money off their house and unfortunately she just aint earning enough through renting to me, bugger, so it,s a case of someone else has came in with a higher offer so out on my ear i go, funny thing about it was the comments made by some folks, well that doesn,t sound to fair, good grief,

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