so whats the story

Image hosting by Photobucketthis isw sthe second attempt at loggin from me new gaff, tried it in the kitchen earier on ut not much joy, the letter bb seems to for some reason forget to work, should make interesting work anyhoo this is rought to you through the wonders that are irish broad band services, yep folks this is being done on the periphery that is wifi ireland, from the major city that is clonee, ye might be thinkin clonee aint in dublin, well i aint in clonee either just pickin up a signal or summit bounced off somewhere or other and me ip is gettin read as clonee, culchie feckers, anyhoo, the new gaff. its owned by some geezer thats a session player, the hoose is full of muso.s, we actually whipt out the guitars late at night and have a wee singsong, the only thing thats missin is a couple of girl scouts to rub together and a bonfire, ooerr, anyhoo dont have much to say just doin this for the sake of being able to do it,looks like another weekend in da house, got some booze, well i,ve actually got a lot of booze, got the old wokm in overdrive and so got munchies, got me cigs, me drink, so there ye have it a well balanced diet, carbohydrates, vitamins the lot, wot can i say, come round if you feel like it , it,s the last house on the right hand side ;)

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