Twenty Major - still smoking in Dublin bars.

Twenty Major - still smoking in Dublin bars.seriously check the times this cnut posts at, hmmmmmmm , somethin goin on there, i really should have stuck methinks at the end of that wee bit, what does this fecker get upto at yon time, mind you we seem to have a post missin for thursdays perusal, maybe the old fucker has copped it, could have a celeb send off just like old haughey bollox, just imagine the cortege being lead by bastardface and mary harney,tink twenty used to twat her or summit, anyhoo the old fogey has went AWOL once again, and it,s just around the time korean missiles are falling into the sea and the space shuttle is orbitting old earth central,hhhmmmm, old coffin dodger could be up there wit a crbon laser or sumthin, maybe just breathin on the feckers would be enough to bring em down, it,ll probably be the first time old pissy pants has tried re-entry in yonks, good luck major tom :)

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Twenty Major said...

I never knew you cared so much, Baz.

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