Image hosting by Photobucketoh here,s a wee thing comment moderation has been switched?????????????? i aint had comments in ages so whats the point in switchin it on ye may think, haha, i aint got anythin else to do ya silly bollox aint ye been readin this, sorta adds a wee demension of paranoia or summit, me sittin here postin anon, and switchin off the rights of peeps to pass comment, well it,s just somethin to do really, i,m bored sittin here tinkin about messin with the template, stick some silly blogger add-ons, took the chat module off, just wsn,t workin properly, cant download certain stuff to my machine at work that are required to catch messages when yer away from the desk or not logged into chatango,been usen this which is an online service which allows ya to contact folks who use IM and have it installed on their machine without havin to install it yerself, can be a worryin though havin to disable, ad-blockers, firewalls to get round and the like but it does work, just some of the pish you get from folks who use IM, as states it,s instant messaging and some folks should resally think long and hard before they say owt, same wit the like of video messaging, feck off ya UGGO, one nice wee feature in google chat is when ye use stuff like this :) , google turns it the right way up, quite smart really although i cant be arsed puttin emoticons on the thing as yet, watched some footie last night, thats the places for the final all sewn up then,shame bout this world cup though, good buzz about it , very little good football, and certainly very few great perfomances from folks who are supposed to be the superstars of our game, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ,

oh and spume, well, hmmmmmmmmmm , have to say somethin now, maybe later, things like, eh, i,m actually not sure if i wants to putt any in now, fecker, everythin seems to have cooled off a bit, the money situation seems to be about to be resolved, gettin a timetable together for this issue, the housin thingie is a lot easier that you would imagine, plenty of opportunities just needs application, other stuff well whatever, now just need to put some peeps off regarding deadlines, think they will just have to be a wee bit more flexible or accept fuck u as an alternative,


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