Image hosting by Photobucketwell it,s tuesday and tthats about all i can say to that????????????? so whats happenin in your neck of the woods,well how bloody fantastic, what really is the idea behind blogs? i never at any time previously kept a diary, theres never been that much of a need to record me day to day existence, it,s pretty much the same old same old day in day out routine, get up go to work, poo fart shite, drink coffee, eat skank food from the mangy canteen, answer the bleedin phone and generally talk to feckin eejits all day, this i do 5days a week, lovely innit,what would ye swap this jet settin life style for?? weekends tend to have a routine too, get up stare endlessly at the box, scratch me nads and when ye think it,s decent enough time head off to the pub, basically drink yersell damn near blind, i know the celtic tiger, ye would think i,d be up at the crack of dawn sharpening me claws gettin ready for a day hunting, gathering, mutilating whatever, nope, this wee striped beastie like most other feckers is just hangin about bored fuckless, could go and get meself a hoodie and hanf round the shopping centre, could also buy me self a BMX and linger bout the stat-oil, nah too typical, i sits on the couch watchin cartoons i do mate, i mean what else would ye do anyhoo this being the country where peeps are the most contented whose life style is the envy of other folk in the EU, so the blog lark what about it,i basically have to make thing up to fill a bleedin sentence never mind paragraphs, pages chapters or whatever, how many times can you write entries that go got up, showered shit and shaved, stood at bus stop, bus late, driver a wanker, well i mean some times the bus doesn,t turn up, which is nice, clocked on at the office, brilliant, sittin at reception like a right pillock, wearing so much acylic in me generouslly supplied uniform that if i moved to quickly i send off sparks of static in all direction, jeez it,s like 9million degrees in here and i,m the only fecker who is forced to wear a tie, what is that about, what the hell d,ye think that wearin a tie is gonna do for ye, it,s a clip on jobbie as well, i,m not allowed to wear gown up ties???????? it,s in case some one tries to throttle me?????????? be serious, i work in a office enviroment, suppose it could always be used as a tourniquet if someone gets maimed or a limb amputated on their way back from the photo copier, i,ve tried keepin meself amused by stickin the tie in the fax machine dialling in random numbers and see-ing if i,ll be mysteriously transported somewhere, somewhere exotic, with a beach, loads and loads of tanned girlies strolling around, somewhere,s not too posh, ye know these upmarket resorts where you have to be seen to be seen, the more under developed the country the more over developed the women, anyways the fax thing doesn,t work,

anyhoo other stuff, well i really shouldn,t tell ye this, but, the old blog can be used just for a wee bit if a rant, sort of exorcise those wee demons that are runnin about in the old soft top, ye can use ot to poke fun at , torment, tease whatever, well if foks actually read the bloody thing ye could, confessional.s, yea you could do that, but i,m a proddie we don,t really do that stuff, hhhhhmmmmm, curiousity ye know the shit that did for the cat, it,s probably not too clever for dogs,budgies, and even feckin boa constrictors, anyways, ever taken a look at someones phone, gone through their messages, messages in, messages sent, yep it,s not too clever an idea, your always gonna come across something ye wish you hadn,t found, brian, michael, finn,john, tommo, pretty big list too,don,t remember rightly when the first time me curiosity piqued don,t know wether i was just pissed with the constant text messeges being sent and it,s one of those ring tones that makes yer skin crawl every time it goes off,anyways the phone gets left to the side, person leaves the room, ho ho, have a wee look see, dumbass, love u,miss you, xxx, cant wait til sunday, brilliant, now i,m seriously feckin happy,nuthins said, what would be the point, just sit there and ponder,eeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh,drivin yerself feckin mental with all these situations ye can think up, wonderful imagination at times, could do maths, could do computer stuff maybe even some writing or something, nah yet,s use it as an instrument of torture instead, yea thats what to do,anyways chickened out of saying owt, so sittin on the couch havin watched the old euro vision contest havin quite a jolly weekend, first one in quite awhile, person has a nap on the couch, ah lovely, just sittin there chillin generally quite content, previous situations forgotten, pushed aside, hidden away somewhere, bbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrriiiinnnnnngggggggg, yeucch,i ignore it, it doesn,t wake anyone, so i dont bother, it goes again, ye would think that mister nosey would have learned from the last time, nope, just sittin there like a right pillock wondering what the hell is this about,why all the deception stuff, jeez why be here at all, you can just leave ye know, just get up and walk straight out the door, why lie, why bother, anyways, i really should heed my own advice at times, quite perceptive at times, give this person a body swerve they are trouble mate, it,s obvious, so i took it, yea right, might have good insight at times never did say that i was a good listener, never said i was good decision maker either, i have a right to be stupid you know, it,s in the constitution, 4 score and somethin years ago your grand parents grand parents fought for the right for there hatchlings to be dumbass,s, just as well then innit, so stupid is as stupid does ignores all pleas by some sane inner voice to go in search of what, what did ye really expect to find, were ye excited to think that somebody found ye a wee bit hot, hhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm, ach anyways could go on for quite a bit, what would be the point in all that behaviour, no need for name calling, no need for name and shame, feel enough of that shit meself, no need for admissions of guilt, explanations not required, it,s ridiculous the length of time i knew of this twisted situation, it,s perverse the amount of times i ignored it, it,s strange the occassions when asked they would lie, what you afraid of losing, why go to these lengths,just why bother, anyways my self respect must have fallen asleep on the bus home from work one night and at this minute is probably doing endless circuits of industrial estates in west dublin just wondering where is this fecker, it,s a bit of a bugger really all these bus,s look the damn same,will i drop into you on tuesday night??????????????? i mean why would you want to, if you,ve reading this properly you will remember that i,m stupid, a self confessed halfwit, dumb as fuck, so what did i do, well nuthin, will i drop in on you on tuesday,well do i, i,m stupid remember can,t you read , what the hell is wrong with you, cant keep count of the times when o got reall angry with myself, trooping about the streets in the freakin dark like some nutjob, what the hell where you hopin to find, what the hell was i gonna do, what the hell do you have a feckin meat cleaver in yer jacket for, why are you lettin this go on for such an age, boy you need your head examined, anyways always managed to return home intact, insane but intact nonetheless, tranquilty base, an ocean of calm,soothed and softened by extra large rations of the finest rums, comatose aint that bad, unconsciousness has it,s moments,afloat on the high seas of unreality once again, ship ahoy, drop anchor, row to the beach to bury the treasure,anyways ye sort of get the drift, a small partin shot, not waving , drowning

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