aloha an how the hell are ya
, ben messin aboot wit some stuff, tryin to getsome nice format to me gmail account, pretty pics and stuff, like animation , smileys or even smellies, ach it,s some thing to do , i really dont need ,em but wtf,not that i even need an email account, but screw it evrybody else seems to have one, and where would i get me viagra from if it wasnt for gmailPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
anyhoo wot have you been up to, really................ how uninteresting, anyways as i,ve already stated been messin with the format and bollox that is gmail, it tends to be well on the really really shite side of things gmail does, very very, presbyterian or some other feckin nonsense, just plain bland boring dull feckin mrs doyle ugly, ye wanna be able to tart up yer emails an stuff, make yersell look like some whizz on the puter, not tooo geeky or pish like that, just a bit of a groover wit some techie ability
, ye dont get much nookie if peeps think yer nerdy bollox

another thing, google chat is piss, drearly dull, instant messaging my ass, it,s crap, wot is it with youse guys at google central, where,s all the pretty features, funky fonts, perv cameras,bells and whistles and 18yr old girls, fuck yahoo offer ye a new car, feck the peeps at hotmail offered me half of angola if i switched accounts, but see-ing as the 39 bus doesn,t go anywhere near there i turned it down

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anyways i,ve been bangin away at the keyboard for the past few days and no my knob isn,t sore i was typing you fuck, two days it took me to get some bleedin code together to tart up me mail , iknow two bleedin days and wot do we have, a biege box(oo-eer missus) and a wavy feckin hand, but do you have one, so i,ve been ignoring ma wee blog for awhile, dreadful int it, how some of you,se have been gettin by i,ll never know, but now it,s back to bloggin me brains out with a vengence, there,s gonna be loads of innuendo(hehe) in yer own endo, down right lies and some other stuff, it will be great,..............i find it all very theraputic, some peeps find it very annoying and would like me to stop, but hey, MAKE ME ,

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other stuff, well there has been some other stuff this week, you will have to decide wether it,s true or not :) but firstly a big big thank you is owed to skanger once again for showing me her boobies this morning you really are such a kind person

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goin for a few beers this weekend, some kebabs , :) and hopefully a lot of monkey business


mainiax said...

I like the little face at the top. it fits.

Clare said...

the "barrydublins got a smile" should have come right after the singing, something blonde....hahaha.

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