so, :) wtf has it got to do wit you anyhoo, well , :(
fings have been happening again,. wot d,ye call her face f@*ked off over the weeken, not a trace to be seen, turned da fone off the whole business, hmmmmmmmmm, even creepy big ugly fucker was nowhere to be seen, at least the air was a wee bit fresher with the smelly bollox outta the way, so wot did i do..........well i gave skanger a bell and we had sex for two days, might as well,the amount of drink over the weeken was bleedin scandalous, bloody expensive as well,.............it all started on friday-wot was gonna be a nice weekend suddenly took a downward turn, went to da pub obviously friday night wit cliffie, just a few beers like, hahahaha, just a few, jeez, swimmin in the stuff, if we ever decide to have a few dry days the brewers will prob go bust, so there we are coupla geezers out on the town, cliffie lookin kinda big??? and me lookin as hot as ever, gucci, parda armani ooooo and some marks and sparks just for the hell of it, lookin in the mirror as i was bout to leave the gaff and feck i would do me in an instant, so there we are uptown top rankin, me about to make the whole of ireland pregnant just by my presence alone, virile fertile and totally gaggin for it....... wot d,ye expect, it,s a friday ya nut job, so if ye,ve woke up this morn wit a few sporting injuries wondering where all that pistacchio icecream came from, well in all probability it wasn,t me,, :)

Anyhoo, i should prob stop usin the term skanger for the wee person cause she,s been really good to me as of late, but hey who the hell wouldn,t be :) , we had a really nice weekend together, after i got friday outta the way , wasn,t planned or anythin, personally i had wanted to spend some time wit wot ye call her face but that seems to be an idea that bolted, bit hard to believe they would rather be elsewhere but wot can ye do :(

Skanger is such a pretty wee thing, probably suffering from temporary insanity, but feck if you got the chance of gettin done by me ye wouldn,t say no :) i mean ye dont get geezers as classy as me walkin down yer street every day, take the opportunity when its there, just say bazza do me and it will be done, anyways we had great fun gettin sweatty playin such grown-up games as hopscotch, leapfrog and hunt the thimble, we did take time off from all the frivolities to dine a little, its amazing wot ye kin do wit jam it really is, oh and did i mention we were at it like a couple of minks for most of saturday/sunday and a small portion of this morn, good job she,s got a motor or i coulda been late for work, bugger knows wot the outcome of that would be, ireland unsecure and unguarded just cause bazza boy is busy gettin e,s leg-over, the west crumbles all cause of a bit of nookie,

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Clare said...

Hahah....alcohol...sex...more alcohol. Irish pubs and the word feckin.....

who wouldn't want to be around you?

You're a wee bit crazy, you already know that, though, right?

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