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at work yet again wearing the most unironed shirt ye have ever seen,??
but what the hey, got totally sinatra-ed last night, well with it bein a thursday what d,ye expect, but then i go and spoil it all by sayin sumthin stupid like, well ,,,,,,,,,,, whatever, by the way lets take a show of hands here, do you know who is the most disliked person in hartstown/clonsilla,........... hehehehe, yeah well we all knew that anyways, from the oldest to the boldest when it walks past the words wanker automatically appear, dinny fash yersells though, a knife would go straight thru their chest as easy as any others :) abnormal situations need abdominal people,????? i know what the hell is bazza on this morn, anyhoo on a lighter note guess who bought me brekkie the other day, nice it was as well and i,ve just spent the last ten minute,s in there company, what joy, there is times when work can be slightly eventful lets say, there,s times when ye really cant be arsed, but the past few days on me return from exile in abbey street have been highly enjoyable, well apart from the unattractive feckers, as i,ve told ye before i,m highly do-ible, and i enjoy it too,but then theres the fuckers who just dont deserve any, and the one,s who are kept waitin until their attitude improves, anyhoo same old same old goin on, which is nuthin much really, the weeken is lookin quite dull from where i,m sittin as well, i dont wanna be doin some of this shit, and some of the shit i wannna be doin i really shouldn,t, but who cares, ........ it is a case of i dont know wwot i wants or maybe i dont knows wot i dont really need, but wtf , s,pose your in control then eh.... i could go steal a car or sumthin but whhere the hell would i be goin, whose gonna pay for the petrol, do ah wanna get meself insured.........ah bollox.....anyways thursday nights.hhhhmmm... the night of the telefone, chuckle chuckle........ yep most me credits gone away again, must be some sort of voodoo or sumthin, cant remember sod all bout it, no notes on the pillow, no tear stains on the jacket, feck all actually but diminishing returns on me ability to communicate at the press of a button

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