me again, seems ye cant shut me up the day, anyhoo managing to get to the bottom of a few things , found out who fucked up the cctv system, got it back online, unplugged the bleedin phone in the security hut, it had taken a freakin fit and had been re-dialing numbers for a cuppla hours, i thought it was just some bollox messin about, cuppla the guys have developed a bad habit of leaving the hut unlocked at times, there,s always some bugger messin about wit the pc,s , voice mail, ye deleted all me messages ya numpty, you also deleted all me phone numbers , so i,ve just got to check the swipe card system, good job no-one else knows the password, i hope, could do without havin to do a couple oof new swipe cards, especially all those polish names, it really fucks ye up readin those names for a couple hours, i though ihad become dyslexic the last time, these folks have never heard of vowels, so anyways, it,s easy enough to replace the phone as it wasn,t a problem with the line, fax machine is buggered an all. but like we get about two fax,s a year, it,s pissin down here again, all me shirts are out on the line too, arrrrrrrgghhhh,also got some clever bollox this now sendin daft e/mail, cant manage as yet to raack it down, or manage to send a reply, but it is a bit of a pain in the hoop, could job i,m behind a firewall, got anti virus stuff and what have u, it is just a minor irritant, but i have no idea how their managin to send anon mail,

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