:( so wots the story, the day isn,t gettin any better , i feel like shit, urrggh, skanger just crept up behind me and scared the livin crap outta me, the reception is on fire, how grown we can be at work, i,m too knackered to even carew if the thing is alite, slowly but surely a few details of events that took place over the weekend are revealing themselves, bollox is all i can say to that, had a conversation wit barbra in da pub on saturday night, all very polite it was, it,s the longest i have ever spoken to the person, hm,nothing particularly revealing, just polite chit chat, even had a chinwag wit some geezer in da pub who i used to avoid, seems jovial enough bloke, all in all it was quite pleasent in the pub both saturday and sunday, so wtf was all the over indulgence about, had nuthin to do wit any events that might have taken place, cant be anythin to do wit me job, it,s just cause i can, lack of bleedin disciplne, also i,m a bit of a greedy bollox, cant leave the stuff alone :(

Anyhoo this ,ere blogger template keeps acting the maggot, viewed in IE6/7 it looks like shit once again, no idea why but i,m not going back over all previous posts and editting them, really cant be arsed wit that type of stuff, wots done is done,have switched the comments thingy back on, not that i gets a lot but it,s on anyways, someone keeps tryin to post comments and then seems to withdraw them, so now ye can post away anon once again,

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