so blogger has had an update/facelift or whatever ye want to call it, so one again all the bells and whistles, links and such like have gone once again??? wot can i say, all the wee trackers and the like have done a bunk as well, wot can ye do, right at this minute i cant be arsed to put them back on as the hangover is starting to kick in, the downward spiral from drunken bliss to sobriety, ecch, it aint all that its cracked up to be, wot a mental case, i,m actually sittin at reception havin a wee freak, jeez these spiders are feckin huge, wonder if i can get one of them to carry me home :(

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Clare said...

I have a blogger display name...neat...

I like the new layout, it's simple, but clean and easy to read.

My hangover ended at 110am.......although I should have just stayed in bed.

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