so wots the bleedin story, sittin here knackered as ush, gettin to be a right pain in the hoop this job,up at half 5 in the bleedin mornin to get ta work, here til after 7 tonite, 5 days a bleedin week, wouldn,t mind as such but it,s so borin, feck all to do for at least 8hours of the day, anyhoo hozit hangin wit you, mad eejit that i shares wit at the mo dont seem to know shit bout food much, likes it needs to be kept either refridgerated or in the feckin freezer, it,s got a use by date on it, good grief, so i,ve spent the last few nights havin ta check dates, consider wether i have to chuck it or cook it off and try keep it for another few days, this is an expense i could do without havin ta chuck food out, next to no freezer space as some silly sod has never even though bout defrosting the thing, so instead of some space all we,ve got is an iceberg in a box, no need to worry bout the polar ice-caps meltin, we,re freakin growin one in our kitchen, so i,ve got loads o stuff cooked off at the mo, well i just dont eat like a feckin knacker, takeaways, frozen tv dinners, livin off chips, get a bleedin grip, likes me grub i does, likes to spoil meself as well but it,s a total pain in the arse when ye have to throw food out, i am well fucked off with that, ..........oooooooooo and the washin machine wot is that about, eeeehhh, ye hav ta tun it to the wee mark(wot bleedin mark) and sort of waggle the door a bit, yeagh and here was me thinkin, ah it,s a bleedin automatic yoke, just bung yer stuff in and press a bleedin button, and the feckin telly is on the blink, bollox bollox bollox, didnt get ta see most of the pool game and no feckinway was i sittin thru the rose of bleedin tralee, i couldn,t give shite even if it went to penalty kicks

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This could be the answer to me probs at the moment an alcoholic coma then i just would give a monkeys toss :)

anyhoo as thats quite an expensive hobby as well i just might take up golf, yea like feck
bollox.............havin ta mess aboot wit code again this morn, wtf is all that shit bout puttin in dividers and the like, could well do without it at this time in the morn, o an me wee pc has taken to actin like its freakin retarded or summit, forever freezin up on me just as i pass thru me fav web sites u know the ones with those adorable twins Calimarie an Cherish ( chk em yersel) it freezes up, not that i,m to bothered bout it freezin on this page a loads of folks at reception see-in me fav girlies at the mo,but it is suppose to be an action sight,wtf is it with the braces on the teeth, jeezuz missus,

anyhoo........off for brekkie soon, skanger is sporting a wee bruise on her cheek at the mo, claims it was a car door,,me no think so....methinks yer ex has given ye a belt or summit, naughty boy, a word in yer shell like buddy boy

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